Take advantage of our specials on select balance bikes, swingsets and kids office. On a balance bike your child learns both static and dynamic balance without worrying about the pedals. It is more natural for a child to try to scoot at comfortable distances by pushing with their feet. Over time, a child will increase their speed, their distance and their confidence in turning the more they ride a KETTLER balance bike.Since their feet are always within reach of the ground, kids will naturally isolate on developing balance instead of worrying about falling! Swingsets are a cornerstone of outdoor play. Sure to bring laughter and a smile, they help children have fun while learning exercise, coordination and motor skills. They also teach them to play well with others and make new friends. Our metal swing sets are recognized for quality, durability and safety. The frame is made from high carbon steel with a rust-proof coating and a 5-step paint process with a powder coat finish. These metal swing sets are bright, bold and cheery in primary colors to capture your child's attention and interest.